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Clinical Services

Our athlete-centered, licensed therapists. are positioned to support the high performing athlete, in navigating the short and long-term priorities of life, knowing that how you think, feel, and behave are essential to one's ability to thrive. 

Mental Performance Consultation

Our consultants create a mental training program for the high performing athlete, consisting of mental tools that lead to the development of mental skills. These are essential for optimal performance in your sport.


Individual Meetings

  • Sessions

  • Microsessions

Group Meetings

  • Team: Leadership Group Meetings

  • Team: Positional Group Meetings

  • Coaches Meetings

  • Parent Meetings

Collaborative Meetings

  • Coaches

  • Compliance Officers

  • Academic Advisors

  • Sports Medicine Staff


Youth Athletes

  • Time Prioritization

  • Managing Relationships with Parents & Peers

  • Social Media Boundaries

  • Expressing Yourself off the field

  • Communication Skills

  • Adolescent Physical and Psychological Development

  • Building Self Awareness

  • Balancing School and Sport Responsibilities 

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID

Professional Athletes

  • Professional Athletes Are Humans first and foremost!

  • Managing Multiple Relationships: Teammates, Coaches, Family, Agents

  • Earning A Living: This Is My Job, Not Who I Am

  • Navigating the Psychological Impact of Injury

  • Travel: Emotional Impact of Being Away from Family & Children

  • Managing The Public & Media

  • Creating A Life After Sports

  • Solidifying a Deeper Purpose

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID

Collegiate Athletes

  • Balancing Responsibilities on and off the field

  • Fluidity and Flexibility of Understanding your role 

  • Athletic Identity 

  • Academics & Travel

  • Social Media: Managing Emotions and Expectations

  • Practice Schedules & Creating Routines

  • Emotional impact of managing finances

  • Managing the Teammate Dynamic

  • Establishing Independence away from home

  • Managing the emotional impact of COVID

The Sport Ecosystem

  • Spouses & Partners

  • Family Members: Children, Siblings, Parents

  • Referees, Umpires, Officials: Performance and Pressure

  • Coaches: Empowerment Tools & Education

  • Front Office Staff

  • Agents: Supporting Mental Well Being for their Athletes

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID



  • Managing Social Media With Boundaries 

  • Defining Mental Health And How To Optimize It

  • Building Team Cohesion

  • Women In Sports: Representation and Visibility

  • Collegiate Student Athletes: Thriving amidst Multiple Demands and Responsibilities

  • Using Your Platform and Influence for Good: Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Developing Mental Tools And Skills To Improve and Sustain Performance

  • You Are More Than Your Sport: Athlete Identity and Beyond

  • Mental Health Is Just As Important as Physical Health: Prevention, Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Recovery

  • How Trauma Informs Your Mindset

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