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80-90% Of Your Sport Is Mental

How Much Are You Prioritizing Training Your Mind?

Clinical Services

Our athlete-centered, licensed therapists, are positioned to support the high performing athlete, in navigating the short and long-term priorities of life. We know that how you think, feel, and behave are essential to one's ability to thrive.

Mental Performance 


Our consultants create a mental training program for the high performing athlete, consisting of mental tools that lead to the development of mental skills.

These are essential for optimal performance in your sport.

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

CEO & Founder of Athmindset®

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional

Mental Performance Consultant

Mental Performance Coach at Oakland Roots SC

Podcast Host of Athlete Mindset & Roots Radio

Published Author

Professional Expert Podcast Guest

Tedx Speaker

Advisory Board Member

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The Athmindset®

Embark on a transformative journey with the AthMindset® Workbook: Training Your Mind for Optimal Mental Health in Sport and in Life. This comprehensive workbook, co-written by a physician and a licensed mental health clinician/mental performance consultant, empowers athletes of all levels to take control of their mental health.

Dive into the intricate world of athlete mental wellbeing as you explore the stress response, mindfulness techniques, and strategies to cultivate mental strength. You will learn the signs of symptoms of mental health issues, and learn what to do if you or a teammate is struggling with their mental health. Through expert insights and practical exercises, you'll develop a personalized mental health toolkit to navigate challenges, setbacks, and self-doubt with confidence.

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CEO & Founder, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW is the host of The Athlete Mindset Podcast

This podcast is all about mental health in sports.

This podcast series is a space for conversations with athletes, coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders in sports. And it’s where those individuals share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on mental health in sports.


Jessie Rogge, MA, ATC

Cal State University, Bakersfield

Interim Head Athletic Trainer

Mental Health Coordinator

“Having AthMindSet be a part of our support staff has been an instrumental part of our athletes care. Lisa and her team have provided our student athletes additional resources to help with both on field mental performance and off field mental health. Working with Lisa has been a wonderful experience and she has been so adaptable to our needs as well as our student athletes needs.''

Sonja Garnett

Saint Mary’s College

Head Softball Coach

“AthMindset has become a part of our team and is helping our athletes navigate the challenges they face on and off the field. Our athletes who have been able to work one on one with mental performance consultants and mental health clinicians, not only provide great feedback,  but their progress shows up daily. I feel as a team and staff we are better equipped to support our athletes and provide the tools they need to master the mental side of the game."

Vanessa Austin

Professional Basketball Player

Bembibre, Spain

"Before meeting with Lisa I kind of lost myself as a basketball player. I didn’t really know why I was playing anymore, I lost all confidence in myself, and I didn’t trust myself. Basketball felt foreign to me, I was at an all time low. But as I continued to see her I gained new skills that helped me find the love for the game again and I started to gain my confidence back and have a nice free flowing feel for the game. I haven’t felt like this since I started playing basketball and I gotta say it feels really good! As I continue on this journey with her I hope that I can build a solid foundation of trust, confidence, and assurance in myself."

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