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Understanding Antonio Brown and the "Meltdown"

Antonio Brown has a history of concussions which can lead to CTE. One symptom of CTE is “erratic behavior.” Calling a “tantrum,” an “incident,” a meltdown shows a lack of understanding and knowledge.

Video via Youtube The Sporting Maniac

Brown and other @NFL players are playing undiagnosed. Living life with chronic headaches, changes in mood- including depression and agitation, and not realizing these are all symptoms of CTE.

Junior Seau died of suicide after coping with CTE symptoms for most of his life.

Some say Seau chose to shoot himself in the chest instead of his head so his brain could be studied. They did, he had CTE. Lived his whole life not knowing, but knew “something was wrong.”

Get educated before you judge @ConcussionLF #athletementalhealth @NFLPA

Regular screening, diagnosis, and growing awareness of CTE is essential! When brains are injured it causes mental health challenges.

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