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Reflecting on the 2021 Season with the Oakland Roots Sports Club

As I reflect on this last season with the Oakland Roots Sports Club of the United Soccer League (USL), I am filled with gratitude and appreciation!! A purpose driven club that prioritizes athlete mental health!!

It has been my privilege to get the opportunity to know and support the players, on and off the field. They are an incredible bunch of guys!! They are humans who have lives, just like you and me, and I am humbled by all that they are called to manage and be responsible for.

To be able to connect and build relationships with the front office staff and technical team has been invaluable, as I was welcomed and received as a member of the #KnowYourRoots family, from the very beginning.

This season was amazing and challenging in so many ways. Both experiences are temporary, and we don’t stay in either emotional state long. I believe we have grown so much as a Club, in our first year in the United Soccer League (USL) Championship, and we will continue to grow, make impact, serve our purpose, and celebrate all that is Oakland!

On to the next! We are only getting started!! Stay tuned!

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