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Cutler Method: Strategically partnered with the Cutler Wellness Program (CWP), AthMindset's focus is to construct and facilitate the physical well-being and mental health of our clientele and athletes. The Cutler Wellness Program functions within the fundamental premise that each athlete and student should have access to a confidential, coordinated and integrated mental wellness program as a part of their athletic organization and/or their academic curriculum.


The Cutler method focuses on breaking mental health stigma, increasing mental health literacy and providing practical resources to improve athletes' and students' lives. Cutler offers a variety of mental health programs for the athlete population, allowing them to attain the tools and language needed when faced with complex situations and/or topics regarding their mental health. Additionally, the Cutler method offers mental health guidance and support specifically for athletes with their Athlete Mental Health Link app.

AthMindset is the clinical mental health and mental performance consultation arm of Cutler Wellness Programs.

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AthMindset has been contracted with California State University, Bakersfield since August 2021, to provide clinical mental health services and mental performance consultation to their athletes and teams. We meet with coaches and athletic trainers to assist in supporting the mental health of their specific athletes. We collaborate with team academic advisors and the NCAA Compliance Officer to obtain additional services for the athlete, as needed. Additionally, we are positioned to support the mental health of any member of the university sports ecosystem, to promote overall well-being. AthMindset looks forward to serving the CSUB athletes for many years to come! GO #RUNNERS

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Female Footballers is an non profit organization developed to help young girls focus on the mental aspects of sports. We strongly believe that for an athlete to succeed, you need to take the whole player approach. While the technical and tactical sides of sport are very important, the mental side is crucial to an athlete's engagement, competitiveness and overall success as a human being. 

Female Footballers offer customized programs such as online individual mentorship,  customized mental training sessions, a podcast, coaching education and parent/club education, that are designed to empower and aim to help young women develop into mentally strong female leaders.  Programs are ideally for ages 10+  and focus on players’ mental mindset.  Programs are run by highly qualified, collegiate and/or professional  level coaches/mentors who are strong, confident, former or current soccer players that aim to share their knowledge and skills to develop young women both on and off the field.

Female Footballers is proud to offer unique experiences for female athletes.

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