athmindset Services

who we serve


  • Time Prioritization

  • Managing Relationships with Parents & Peers

  • Social Media Boundaries

  • Expressing Yourself off the field

  • Communication Skills

  • Adolescent Physical and Psychological Development

  • Building Self Awareness

  • Balancing School and Sport Responsibilities 

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID


  • Balancing Responsibilities on and off the field

  • Leadership Development

  • Fluidity and Flexibility of Understanding your role 

  • Athletic Identity 

  • Academics

  • Travel

  • Social Media: Managing Emotions and Expectations

  • Practice Schedules

  • Emotional impact of managing finances

  • Managing the Teammate Dynamic

  • Creating Routines

  • Establishing A New Sense of Independence away from home

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID


  • Professional Athletes Are Humans first and foremost!

  • Managing Multiple Relationships: Teammates, Coaches, Family, Agents

  • Earning A Living: This Is My Job, Not Who I Am

  • Navigating the Psychological Impact of Injury

  • Travel: Emotional Impact of Being Away from Family & Children

  • Managing The Public & Media

  • Creating A Life After Sports

  • Solidifying a Deeper Purpose

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID

The Sport


  • Spouses & Partners

  • Family Members: Children, Siblings, Parents

  • Referees, Umpires, Officials: Performance and Pressure

  • Coaches: Empowerment Tools & Education

  • Front Office Staff

  • Agents: Supporting Mental Well Being for their Athletes

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Managing the ongoing emotional impact of COVID

how we serve

Individual Meetings

  • Sessions

  • Microsessions

Group Meetings

  • Team: Leadership Group Meetings

  • Team: Positional Group Meetings

  • Coaches Meetings

  • Parent Meetings

Collaborative Meetings

  • Coaches

  • Compliance Officers

  • Academic Advisors

  • Sports Medicine Staff

Custom Workshops
& Speaking Engagements


  • Managing Social Media With Boundaries 

  • Defining Mental Health And How To Optimize It

  • Building Team Cohesion

  • Women In Sports: Representation and Visibility

  • Collegiate Student Athletes: Thriving amidst Multiple Demands and Responsibilities

  • Using Your Platform and Influence for Good: Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Developing Mental Tools And Skills To Improve and Sustain Performance

  • You Are More Than Your Sport: Athlete Identity and Beyond

  • Mental Health Is Just As Important as Physical Health: Prevention, Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Recovery

  • How Trauma Informs Your Mindset